The Top 26 Tech Apps for Remote Teams
Oct 21 2020

The Top 26 Tech Apps for Remote Teams

By Georgia Hart.

Technology has made the world such a small place. If COVID has taught us anything in tech, it’s that work CAN be done from anywhere in the world – as long as you have the right tech tools for the job.

But with so many options to choose from, where to start?!

As a product and tech recruitment specialist I have daily conversations with tech leaders and tech professionals about their preferred tools that make remote working a breeze. So I’ve reached out to my tech and product network, and conducted some of my own research to come up with a recommended list of tech apps to make your remote work life simpler. 

Here are a few favourites to check out…

Tech for everyday communication: 

Slack is the obvious one but here are some other alternatives: 

Glip – allows screen sharing; 

Fleep – offers the ability to assign and track tasks; 

Flock – offers a whole bunch of different features and my personal favourite for engineering teams;

MatterMost – great for enterprise companies; 

RocketChat – has a real-time translation feature; 

TandemChat – has 40+ integrations!


Tech to help recreate ‘small talk’ in the office: 

Brightful – featured on Product Hunt as the top remote working tool;

Donut (Slack plug-in) – tour virtual watercooler!


Tech to help replace meeting-boards: 

Miro – an online whiteboard platform for ideation, brainstorming, strategy, planning, agile workflows, as well as meetings & workshops; 

Stormboard – helps teams collaborate to solve problems and ideas together;

Explain Everything – great for teaching; – a video tool with a cool feature called ‘whiteboarding’  which allows teams to doodle ideas on a shared document during chats.


Tech to help recreate the code cross-editing process: 

GitDuck – talk while you are pair programming through their video app tool;

JSFiddle – great for Javascript;

Live Share for VS – for all your Microsoft lovers.


Tech to increase productivity and time keeping: 

Toast Ninja (Slack add on) – has real-time updates;

Focusmate – for all those procrastinators out there, this will help to keep you and your colleagues accountable!;

Clockwise – will help you organise “focus time”;

Timely – booking software; 

Toggl or Time Doctor – has a Time Tracking application with a reporting service.


Tech to make meetings more efficient:

Macro (Zoom add-on) – makes collaboration easy; 

Stand-ups – a mobile application which is great for when you’re on the move. 


Tech for notes and tasks:

Notion – helps you get organised with all your tasks, keeping notes and docs in one place; 

Evernote – an easy way to remember everything important from wherever you are.


What other tech platforms and apps would you recommend? Join the conversation and add your comments below.


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