Recruiting the best Tech & Product talent for growing technology companies

We know the product and technology market inside out

Tech and product organisations face considerable and frequent disruptions. We bring innovative solutions to your recruitment pain points, so your team can focus on their strategic objectives and delivering for your customers. Our focus on building high-trust relationships has also given us a unique ability to bring both clients and candidates together to engage in meaningful interactions, resulting in phenomenal hires.

We are your brand ambassadors

We know that a positive brand experience is absolutely essential in the recruitment process. From the very beginning we invest the time in getting to know your culture and the way your business works. We immerse ourselves in your business. We’re out there pitching your organisation like any other team member, and knocking it out of the park. Every candidate who engages with your brand through us has an exceptional experience, regardless of whether they join or not.

We have access to the deepest level of passive talent

The best product and tech talent are not out there applying for roles in traditional ways. In fact, they’re probably already employed with your biggest competitors, and disruptive start-ups.

This is where Middleton Executive come in…

We know this space inside out and work around the clock, identifying top tech companies globally and mapping out their teams. We’re madly skilled at building and keeping trusted relationships. We unearth passive talent whose careers and experience we understand, and then get them excited about your business.

We provide a lean recruitment experience

Our collaborative approach ensures our go-to-market strategy, messaging and process is on point every time. Come interview time, you’ll only be meeting fully vetted, suitable candidates.

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