Middleton Executive Offer Leading The Product Tickets At Mates Rates
Sep 19 2019

Leading The Product At Mates Rates

Hey product folk, get your Leading The Product event tickets at mates rates! At Middleton Executive we are always looking for ways to offer value to our community of Product folk. So we’re happy to announce a new partnership with product management & marketing experts, Brainmates! To celebrate, we’re excited to offer you ‘mates rates’ for Australia’s leading one-day Product Management conference, Leading The Product. Held in Melbourne on October 17, and in Sydney on October 22, we are offering you $50 off your ticket purchase! To redeem this offer, simply click on the applicable link below and be sure to enter the Mates Rates promotional code ‘MEFRIENDS’ at the checkout.   Buy tickets at mates rates for MELBOURNE – October 17 Buy tickets at mates rates for SYDNEY – October 22   Don’t leave it too late, as tickets sell out quickly for this event. Our team will be there and we look forward to seeing you there too! If you’d like to become part of the Middleton Executive Product tribe and be notified of career opportunities and special product-related offers, register with us here. Jade and the team at Middleton Executive

Aug 13 2019

The Life And Times Of A Product Entrepreneur

I recently attended a Product Anonymous networking event hosted by A Cloud Guru: The Life and Times of an Entrepreneur, featuring special guest speakers, Grant Hatamosa from Zen Ecosystems, Shannon Gilleland from Form-I-Baby and Carl Rigoni from SixSix. The event was geared toward coming together as a product management community and supporting each other through our individual journeys; whether it be as an entrepreneur, a product engineer or anyone with a slight interest in product management. Right up my alley! Kicking off with the presenters each sharing a lightbulb moment, we heard tales of how passion drove them each to become an entrepreneur, and what this means for them on a day to day basis. Whilst each story was unique, there were some common and complementary perspectives from these entrepreneurs so I thought I’d share with my product community some key takeaways… What makes a Product Manager ‘great’?  Often referred to as the mini-CEO, this person wears many hats. They have a good grasp on all the skills and attributes that make up the role, and have the ability to deliver on those being all those things eg. support, engineer, designer, etc. They are rounded enough to be able to influence all the disciplines that go into the product from inception all the way through to the market launch and