Seeing a job or candidate with rose-coloured glasses can be dangerous!
Sep 29 2020

7 Ways to Avoid Accepting the Wrong Job

By Georgia Hart Starting a new job only to realise soon after that it was a wrong decision can be a deflating and sometimes humiliating experience. Many times I’ve spoken with IT professionals who have left a job they’ve just started, often with similar reasons. Reasons including: “I was mis-sold the role.” “The role wasn’t what I expected.” “The company changed direction.” “The skills required didn’t match my experience.” When you want something or someone enough, such as a new job role or a particular job applicant, it’s easy to see the situation with rose-coloured glasses meaning red flags are missed or are sometimes overlooked. It’s important to keep in mind that a job interview is a two-way street; an opportunity for both the jobseeker and the employer to qualify, as much as possible, the potential fit for the role.  There is only so much you can research you can do to qualify a company or job role, so how do you open up the job interview conversation to enable an objective assessment? I’ve compiled a list of questions to assist you in qualifying a prospective job role and employer; questions that will also help to demonstrate to your interviewer your level of interest in the company, and how serious you are about the job opportunity. Here are seven things