Are your position descriptions biased?
Mar 04 2020

Are Your Position Descriptions Biased?

By Jade Bennett. Diversity in Tech is a widely discussed topic, and has been for some time now with businesses becoming acutely aware of the many benefits that come from having a diverse and inclusive workplace. As tech recruitment specialists it’s exciting to witness first hand, the growth in companies committed to diversity. At Middleton Executive we’re seeing more businesses develop both enterprise-wide and grassroots initiatives in an effort to attract more women to the workplace. Mind your language This progress is encouraging. But we’re still seeing the use of interesting language in position descriptions, job advertisements and interview questions. Language that inevitably and unintentionally results in women opting out of the process. Language that hinders their opportunity to be considered favourably or fairly. For the most part, this is unconscious bias. It’s the language people have been accustomed to using and how roles have been positioned within organisations historically. Descriptive language that gets used to make a business or a role sound cool and appealing, such as: ‘Do you want to work in a fast-paced, high powered start-up unicorn?’ ‘Are you an expert with all things Product/ AWS/ Node’ (you get the gist)?’ Or how about… ‘If you’d like to finish your day with a kick-ass game of table tennis and a cold beer, this is the role for