Is your remote hiring strategy up to task?
Sep 23 2020

Is Your Remote Hiring Strategy Up To Task?

By Jade Bennett COVID-19 has accelerated a change in pace for recruitment and we need to ensure that our current remote hiring strategies are up to the challenge.  The future of work has irrevocably changed and we will see an increase in companies adopting a remote-first approach. As such, we on the front line of talent acquisition, people ops and HR need to be ready. To start, we must applying Design Thinking principles, creating a hiring process that considers the people we’re creating it for.  To do this, here are the key areas that I recommend you consider and focus on. Strengthen your EVP (Employer Value Proposition)  The misnomer that we’re now in a candidate-rich market, and will have our pick of top candidates, simply isn’t accurate in Product and Tech. More than ever, companies should focus on showcasing the company’s culture and benefits to potential candidates if we want to secure the ‘A-players’.  We also need to facilitate a recruitment process that allows potential employees to feel at ease during a virtual hiring process. Ask yourself: does your online process ensure candidates can feel comfortable accepting an employment offer? Have they been provided with all of the relevant job, organisation and on-boarding information to make that decision?  Consider including video in your candidate attraction and hiring process. Video is